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Uptime: 99.88%
Port: 7171
Players: 111 / 2000
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Last Update: December 10, 2023, 7:48 am

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NextGen OTServ US
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Players: 2 / 100
Points: 90
Monsters: 15346
NPCs: 44
Uptime: 99.49%
Peak Record: 20 players online on November 19, 2023, 4:14 pm CET
Server: NextGen OTServ 2.0
Added: October 26, 2023, 3:24 am CET
Updated: 38 sec. ago

Server description

Welcome to the NextGen OTServ by Narg, a RPG-focused Server for you to play and have fun.

This server is back for a SHORT PERIOD up until December more or less. It is very different from Tibia itself and started as a "Friends-Only" project that grew larger and larger each time, its main feature is that it has Attributes that must be allocated when leveling up, making your Character stronger each time.

Spells are available to all Vocations as long as you have the necessary Attributes, and in some cases have learned the Spell by consuming an unique Scroll.

Enemies and Items are different from the original and may have unique features to their design, like Teleporting, Pushing/Pulling, Rooting, Freezing or preventing your Healing.

Some enemies and items have an unique sprite, which is why the custom Client is necessary.

Instead of Level Requirements, most Items have Attribute Requirements instead, allowing you to control when you will use an item yourself by "rushing" its attributes.



// Attributes

When leveling up, you will gain attributes that must be allocated using the command !attr to have an effect on your character, these attributes are:

- Strength:
Provides Capacity, Melee Damage, minor HP and Ranged Damage.

- Dexterity
Provides Critical Damage, Ranged Damage, minor Melee and Spell Damage.

- Agility
Provides Speed, Min Attack Factor (increases damage consistency).

- Vitality
Provides Health, Max Food Time & Max Soul.

- Intelligence
Provides Max Mana and Spell Damage (including Attack based Spells) and minor Healing Amplification

- Constitution
Provides Regeneration, Defense, Healing Amplification (Spells, Potions, Runes etc...) and minor Max Mana

// Vocations

Vocations have minor differences, as Spells are tied to attributes, not vocations. Some of these differences may push you towards different builds. The available vocations are:

- Barbarian
Gains 1 Strength/Vitality per Lv, +15% Melee Damage, +5% Max Health.

- Ranger
Gains 1 Dexterity/Agility per Lv, +15% Ranged Damage, +25% Min Damage.

- Wizard
Gains 1 Dexterity/Intelligence per Lv, +15% Spell Damage, 10% Spell Cooldown reduction.

- Naturalist
Gains 1 Intelligence/Constitution per Lv, +10% Healing, 10% Faster Regeneration, 5% More Mana.

- Assassin
Gains 1 Strength/Agility per Lv, +5% Critical Chance, 10% Faster Attacks, +5% Movement Speed.

- Knight
Gains 1 Vitality/Constitution per Lv, +10% Armor & Defense, Blocks one additional Enemy when wielding a Shield.

// Rules:

- PvP is allowed from Lv 20 onwards, there is already a system in place that punishes power-abusing: You will lose exp if you kill a player who is far too many levels below yours.
- Respect other players.
- Don't cheat/hack and don't use Bots.
- Please, report bugs. Bug exploitation is not allowed and is a bannable offense.
- Have fun, have tons and tons of fun!!